Our Services and Projects

AHCPBG is a not for profit healthcare membership Organisation of highly qualified and motivated healthcare professionals that offers many services to its members and the community/population.

AHCPBG Offer the following services to its members and members of the community:


  • Medical Services
  • Publications Services
  • Social Care Services
  • Education Services
  • Research and Development Services
  • Awards, Scholarships and Grant Services
  • Transport and Vehicle Hire Services
  • Accommodation Services
  • Legal Services
  • And Many More Services, please contact us at info@iahcpbg.org 

Our Work, Services and Projects

Descriptions of some of work, services and projects are stated below:

Medical Services

At AHCPBG Medical Services, we offer a wide range of efficient medical services.  Our well qualified staff and volunteers at our sponsored medical centres provide only the highest quality care and services to our valued clients. If you are not totally satisfied, we'll remedy and issues and give you other quality centres list to choose from.  The services provided at the various sponsored centres include:


  • General Practice and Primary Care and referral services
  • Child Health
  • Women's Health
  • Men's Health
  • Travel Medicine
  • Specialist Care and Professional Advice
  • Many more services as you require


You can also contact us at info@iahcpbg.org for with any enquiry on the Medical Services available. 

Publications Work

AHCPBG publishes Journals, Reports and Books in medical practice, healthcare, innovations, research and education in the community.  These include books on various aspects of medicine and healthcare issues, and Occasional Papers in current matters affecting the health of the public nationally and internationally.

For more information on AHCPBG publications, please contact: info@ahcpbg.org 



Social Care 

 The AHCPBG Health and Social Care Team compiles list of members and people in the community who would require social care services.

We focus on the needs and abilities of our Service Users and not only on their disabilities and encourage and advice Service Users on how to make their own decisions and lifestyle choices, thereby promoting high quality person-centered care. We provide advice on several contracts for Home Care and Live-in Care for individuals and organisations in the communities for direct contracts with care providers and professional carers to suit individual needs.

Community Health and Social Care Advice Services provides advice on how to arrange specialist care support for individuals within their local community.  The services can either be autonomous or compliment the role of social services, relatives, friends and other support.

For more information about the AHCPBG health and Social care, please contact:  info@iahcpbg.org




Education Services

AHCPBG undertakes various educational activities in all disciplines in medicine and healthcare. 

We also support different communities in promoting medical and healthcare education at all levels by providing funding and grants to undertake such activities.

 We further work with governments and private sectors in promoting education and development nationally and internationally..


 For more information about our educational activities, please contact: info@iahcpbg.org 



Research Work

AHCPBG undertakes research in various areas such as medicine, health care issues, education, law, history, scientific matters, and community oriented issues.

We also work with institutions, governments and individuals in maintaining high quality in research and education in order to improve and enhance society in general.

For more information about AHCFPBG research and development activities, please contact: info@iahcpbg.org 


AHCPBG  offers many scholarships and grants, which include:


  • Community-based Medical Research
  • AHCPBG International Education Award
  • AHCPBG Travel Scholarships for International Student Mobility and Exchange Programme Schemes


For more details of the above grants, scholarships and awards, please contact: info@iahcpbg.org 

Transport Services

AHCPBG   hire offers a wide range of wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire, each specially equipped to suit your needs. Our wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) are all available with a choice of manual or automatic transmission.

Wheelchair access features include:

  • Lightweight wheelchair ramps
  • Lowered floors
  • Full wheelchair restraint system
  • Lap and diagonal seat belts for wheelchair and seated passengers

If you need more details or are ready to enquire about a wheelchair accessible hire vehicle please contact us at: info@iahcpbg.org .


AHCPBG Accommodations and Estates Services offer a wide range of accommodations – from hotel to self-catering accommodations. There are also opportunities to rent apartments for short and long tern stay for individuals and families.  

Wheelchair accessible accommodations for rent with, each specially equipped to suit your needs.  For more information about AHCPBG Accommodations Services, please contact: info@iahcpbg.org 

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