AHCPBG Fund Raising


As a not for profit organisation with charitable intent, we undertake fund raising to promote various community-based activities such as:


  • Community Health and Social Care Services
  • Community- research activities, which involve looking into effects of chronic diseases in society
  • Improving the care of elderly people in the community
  • Community Education Development Services
  • Improving Health Promotion Techniques
  • Promoting Smoking Cessation
  • Promoting Healthy Eating and Dealing with Obesity Problems
  • Promoting Cancer Research Works


AHCPBG   undertakes many fund raising activities in order to generate the income it uses in promoting research and education globally.  Its sources of income include:



  •  Well-wishers Donations, Grants and Trust Funds


AHCPBG   obtains donations, grants and Trust Funds from well-wishers who share the same interest and objective as AHCPBG  , in maintaining high quality in research and education all over the World, from primary education to post-doctoral programmes.  These donations and grants can be for specific activities, projects and awards, according to the areas of needs in the community at large or a targeted individual who requires help according to the interests of specific well-wishers. 


AHCPBG   also works with other not for profit organisations and agencies in achieving the aims of the donations and grants from specific well-wishers or charitable individuals or group funds.


  • Income from Educational Activities


AHCPBG   sponsors different educational activities and programmes at many tiers in different countries.  These include courses, conferences, workshops, educational programmes, seminars and community-based education. 


  •  Income from Research Activities


AHCPBG   encourages and sponsors different research subjects in various subjects’ areas, including healthcare and education in many communities, academies, societies, associations, institutions and organisations internationally.  The projects involved can be with governmental and non-governmental agencies.  Many of these projects yield incomes, and also help in the sponsorships of research students, primary and secondary education, and post-doctoral opportunities.



  •   Income From Membership Fees


AHCPBG   is an international membership organisation including individual and corporate/ organisational memberships.  Income is also generated from membership fees, which helps in promoting patient care and education in various communities Worldwide.



  •  Other Fund Raising Activities

These involve sponsored charitable sporting activities, community fetes, raffles, and merchandising of organisational materials.  AHCPBG   also promotes charitable shops where goods and services are rendered in order to raise money for good causes in society.


To support any of the above causes, please contact info@iahcpbg .org

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