Quality Medical Publications

The AHCPBG publishes Journals, Reports and Books in medical practice, healthcare, innovations, research and education in the community.  These include books on various aspects of medicine and healthcare issues, and Occasional Papers in current matters affecting the health of the public nationally and internationally.


So the AHCPBG publishes many Journals and books in all areas of healthcare, medicine, education and public health, including all publications.  Some of the publications are:


  • Bulgarian Journal of Medicine, Surgery and Healthcare Matters
  • Bulgarian Journal of General Practice and Primary Care 
  • Bulgarian Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health 
  • Bulgarian Journal of Medical Law and Ethics 
  • Bulgarian Journal of Neurosciences, Neurosurgery and Neurology 
  • Bulgarian Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine and Physiotherapy 
  • AHCPBG books in Medicine, Surgery, General Practice and Primary Care and Community Medicine/Public Health 
  • AHCPBG Occasional Papers 
  • AHCPBG Reports 

For more information on the AHCPBG publications, please contact: info@iahcpbg.org



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