AHCPBG Medical Services

Our highly qualified members and experts will your complaint fast and reliably.

We guarantee efficient and discrete handling of all your medical and healthcare concerns. Our team of highly qualified members is available to help you as, your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Our Medical Services

 We have highly qualified and motivated members and healthcare professionals to deal with your problems.

At AHCPBG Medical Services, we offer a wide range of efficient medical services.  Our well qualified staff and volunteers at our sponsored medical centres provide only the highest quality care and services to our valued clients. If you are not totally satisfied, we'll remedy and issues and give you other quality centres list to choose from.  The services provided at the various sponsored centres include:


  • General Practice and Primary Care and referral services
  • Child Health
  • Women's Health
  • Men's Health
  • Travel Medicine
  • Specialist Care and Professional Advice
  • Many more services as you require


You can also contact us at info@iahcpbg.org for with any enquiry on the Medical Services available. 



IAHCP General Internal Medicine Services 

The sponsored IAHCP Medical Centres provide general internal medicine services in all branches and specialities of internal medicine.  The centres are equipped with excellent facilities and highly trained and knowledgeable specialists and various healthcare teams and multi-professional workforce for efficient patient care and education in the different community that we service.  For more information, please contact: medicals@ijmjournal.org.uk .


 IAHCP Surgical Services

The sponsored IAHCP Surgical Centres provide various surgical services for both adults and paediatric populations internally.  They have highly qualified and skilled specialist and surgeons that have expertise in the traditional surgical procedures and cutting edge new techniques of telesurgery, robotic surgery, minimally invasive process and many other new and emerging techniques.  The various teams undertake many research and innovations in order to find new ways of promoting excellence in surgical care in society.  For more information, please contact: medicals@ijmjournal.org.uk .


 Family Medicine/General Practice

The sponsored IAHCP Family Medicine/General Practice Centres are well equipped to provide holistic primary healthcare services to various families in different communities globally.  The services provided include, children healthcare, women’s healthcare and mesa healthcare.  Many minor surgical procedures, specialist clinics in the community and health promotion/health education services are also provided.  Promotion of immunisation and preventative medicine services are also provided, including public health matters and services are given in the community settings.  The centres also offer education, research and innovation in general practice and primary care.  For more information, please contact: medicals@ijmjournal.org.uk  .




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