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Our Promise

Promoting the highest standard in medical practice, healthcare and education in communities.

Our goal is to support, promote and maintain the highest standards of medical practice, patient care and education and act as the 'advocate' for healthcare professionals in Bulgaria on education, training, work related matters and professional standards issues. 

Our work

The activities of the AHCPBG

Membership Services

The Association of Health Care Professionals, Bulgaria (AHCPBG) welcomes all healthcare professionals to join its membership body in order to promote effective and efficient medical practice, healthcare service and education in the community.  Being a member of the AHCPBG comes with a variety of benefits, which include: 
•    Receipt of free copies of various official journals of the AHCPBG
•    Reduced rates on fees for all the International Scientific Conferences, Courses and Meetings of the IAHCP annually
•    Opportunities to apply for Grants and Scholarships.
•    Access to AHCPBG membership Services

More details can be found via the following link:       




Conferences and Education

The Association of Health Care Professionals, Bulgaria (AHCPBG) and The International Association of Healthcare Professionals (IAHCP) Society, including other collaborating organisations jointly host many educational activities, courses and conferences Worldwide in collaboration with other research and education organisations in promoting excellence in medical practice, education, research and innovations.  The details of the educational programmes, courses and conferences can be found via the following link:      

AHCPBG Work and Services 

The IAHCPBG Provides the Following Services:

  • Publications Services
  • Personnel Services
  • Conferences
  • Courses
  • Fund Raising
  • Medical Services
  • Legal Services
  • Research and Development Services
  • Education Services
  • Social Care Services
  • Transport/Vehicle Hire/Charter Services
  • Estates/Accommodation Services
  • Sports/Rehabilitations Services
  • Membership Services

More details of the above services are available from the various webpages in this website. 


Publications Services

The AHCPBG publishes many Journals and books in all areas of healthcare, medicine, education and public health, including all publications.  Some of the publications are:

  • Bulgarian Journal of Medicine, Surgery and Healthcare Matters
  • Bulgarian Journal of General Practice and Primary Care 
  • Bulgarian Journal of Neurosciences, Neurosurgery and Neurology 
  • Bulgarian Journal of Medical Law and Ethics 
  • AHCPBG books and reports in medicine and healthcare
  • Many more publications in medicine and healthcare issues

For more information on the AHCPBG publications, please visit:   


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